MRM225 ♦ 2204-2300kv

By AcroFPV on Jan 03, 2016

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I have had such great success with my larger 250 build, I decided to use the same motors, props & ESC's on MultiRotorMania's new MRM225 frame. I used their 4mm thick frame which is designed for 2204 motors. This frame will clear a 5.5" prop but I really love the feel of the HQProp 5x4 triblade, so that is the prop I stuck with for this build. Also used MRM Zeus 20A ESC. They are the same exact ESC as the FVT LittleBee, except MRM updates them to the newest BLHeli & enables damped light mode.

The build went relatively straight forward. With a Mobius HD Camera & 1550mah 75C the A.U.W came in at 539 grams. I was getting quite a bit of jello with the stock Rubber Ball mount, so I switched to a Great3D TPU printed Mobius Mount and some double sided sticky foam from HobbyKing. Jello was eliminated but the mobius footage was pretty crummy (i am used to Hero3 footage from my 250).
I have modified the 3D mount to accept a Foxeer Legend 1 and will have some flight footage soon :)


Part List


MRM225 Carbon Fiber Mini 225mm Frame (7 builds)

Flight Controller



4 x MRM Zeus 20 Amp BLHeli ESC


4 x MRM Mini Titan V2 2204-2300 Brushless Motor


2 x HQProp 5x4x3 3 Blade Props - 1 Pair

FPV Camera

Mini 700tvl 1/3 CMOS Camera with Super WDR (3 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Boscam BOS350 32 channel 5.8ghz 350mw Mini Video Transmitter - RP-SMA


FrSky D4R-II 4/8 CHANNEL RECEIVER w/CPPM (7 builds)

Power Distribution

Mini 35mm 2oz Copper Power Distribution Board – MultiRotorMania (6 builds)
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Whiffles   Jan 04, 2016  

I've been seeing a lot more sub-250 builds lately. Considering I've yet to build a racing style quad I'm more and more tempted to skip that size entirely for something smaller.

AcroFPV   Jan 05, 2016 

With all of the 5" props in use, 250mm is a bit big. This 225 is perfect for the 5" combo. I am doing a 180 build with 4" props right now and it will be fun to compare the two.

Whiffles   Jan 05, 2016 

How about a 210? Those are getting pretty popular.

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