Cheerson CX-20 upgrades and add-ons

By coolRCname on Jul 21, 2015

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just trying to keep my rig in the air
If you are thinking about the cheap camera I have listed make sure you shop around. The prices change on Amazon all the time but you shouldn't pay more than $12. The link below labeled "Images" is a link to a post on rcgroups where I have the details for my 3d printed puck design. If you buy the power module below you need to change out the 6 hole molex to a 3 hole to plug into the ADC port. This is what I used



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Whiffles   Aug 18, 2015  

Nice picture! Those motors are a good value for a quick fix.

Whiffles   Jul 31, 2015  

Looks like you've got some photos now! How about a complete build photo? I'm not sure a yellow 3D printed puck makes for a good cover image.

coolRCname   Aug 01, 2015 

I don't disagree. I have her apart again waiting for the molex connector for my power module. When that gets here I will update the build with my telemetry and take a pic.

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015  

I noticed you've got a duplicate in there and the Images link isn't really a part.

coolRCname   Jul 23, 2015 

Took care of the duplicate. The images link goes to the post on with the files for my 3d printed puck. I will delete it if you want but I thought it made sense to include it. If you add a way to comment on lines or edit the descriptions I could explain that. Another thing that I don't know how you could fix other than with comments is my link to the cheap camera. That seller has raised the price to $23. I'd hate to think someone coming to your site for help or ideas might actually waste that kind of money on that crappy camera. With a comment line I could tell them to shop around and not pay more than $12. All in all the site is looking great. Just what I needed, another place to spend time that makes me want to spend $.

coolRCname   Jul 23, 2015 

I just had another thought. In addition to builds you could have a section where we could list tools that we like that don't really go with a build like decent wrenches or soldering equipment or a million other things. In addition to being helpful it is another place you could rack up a few affiliate bucks.

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015 

I was thinking about allowing for customized fields. I may include that at some point, but it might be best just to mention your puck in the description above the parts list. You could also mention the camera price there.

You can create a "Bench" build if you want. I was thinking about doing that for my tools.

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015  

Did you add some extra lights to your CX-20? I see you have a light kit in there.

coolRCname   Jul 23, 2015 

After my crash I got everything working except the marker lights on the bottom of the ESC's because I damaged part of the pdb and do not intend to fix it as the next pdb I touch will be when I go to a 450. After a few flights I realized I liked the lights so I replaced them with what you see in the build. They line up almost perfectly with the holes in the frame under the ESC's. I had to bend one hole in each arm just a hair it to get the spacing perfect. The stock ESC's are back in place and hold the new LED's in place perfectly. I was a little worried about heat but so far so good. To keep away from the FC I taped the wires under the pdb. I cut off the connector and soldered it to the board. I set them up so red is back and green is front. That made more sense to me than the stock config.

Whiffles   Jul 23, 2015 

Looks like a good match. I bought these for my F450, but I haven't used them yet. I got 2m of RGB, so I can choose any color I want and put them on quite a few different things. I plan to put a few on each of my arms, but that's a project for another day.

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