iFlight iX5s

By RotorQuad Squad on Mar 17, 2017

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nibrocd   Apr 01, 2017  

hows it holding up im tempted to get the frame

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nibrocd   Apr 01, 2017 

Awesome. Thanks. Any idea what the white layer is in the center. Is it 2 small layers of carbon fiber around a layer of polycarbonate or some other plastic. Do u think it's similar in strength to full carbon fiber

RotorQuad Squad   Apr 01, 2017 

Im not sure what it is. It feels POM in texture. I think its acceptably stiff. I dont feel as though its as strong as solid carbon

Dextt   Mar 18, 2017  

I'm skeptical about the "composite material." Doubt it will hold up as well as solid CF....

RotorQuad Squad   Mar 19, 2017 

Me as well. Im waiting to finish my review until I give it a few good whacks. So far its held up fine but again... waiting for the big smack.

thumbtwiddler   Mar 18, 2017  


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