DJI phantom 4s-6s fpv rocket

By yksaircrafts on Mar 19, 2017

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This is how I turned my old phantom 2 !



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Whiffles   Mar 20, 2017  

Great flying! I enjoyed the video. Is this in Paris? Just don't crash with that gimbal! Those things are extremely fragile.

yksaircrafts   Mar 21, 2017 

Thanks ! Yes, one of the spot is in Paris, the other at 4 or 5 km from Paris.

Whiffles   Mar 22, 2017 

Great to get a window into the Paris FPV scene!

thegreen4me   Mar 19, 2017  

Now I've seen everything xDDDDD

but seriously is there actually any reason (besides doing it for the lols) that you would use a hollowed out phantom as a frame instead of spending $20 on a stronger, lighter carbon fiber frame??

yksaircrafts   Mar 20, 2017 

The reason was that I had spare parts and an old phantom replacement shell so :D :D
So why don't try ! And I find the concept pretty funny.

pro XY   Mar 19, 2017  

that thing is proper. love it.

yksaircrafts   Mar 19, 2017 

Thanks ;)

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