Lil Brick House

By ThePanda on Mar 28, 2017

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This is the new armattan japalura 3" frame. Should be a fun little ripper don't have weight on it my scale broke.



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dansoftcore   May 30, 2017  

I have the same camera, how did you get it to fit??? When the pivot hole is lined up the adjust holes are too far back.

marsfpv   May 17, 2017  

I love this frame. Those colors look awesome!!! Im building a Japalura too

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marsfpv   May 17, 2017 

Yeah I wish they had that baseplate when I was purchasing my Japalura. Im gonna have to wait for a US reseller to stock them, because shipping from Taiwan takes forever.

ThePanda   May 17, 2017 

Took less than 2 weeks

marsfpv   May 17, 2017 

Thats too long for me.. I'm impatient. Im used to getting things within a few days. Amazon Prime spoiled me D:

Whiffles   Mar 28, 2017  

Too bad about the scale. I'd really like to know what this weights in at. Get a chance to fly it yet?

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ThePanda   Apr 08, 2017 

Got a chance to weigh it today came in at 205g but i am running fullsize every thing

jas101   Apr 08, 2017 

Thank you so much for sharing appreciate it :). Hope you have had the chance to fly it. Can't wait to build mine.

ThePanda   Apr 08, 2017 

It dlys awesome flies like a 5inch bit i dis birn up an esc today

xxbuildnz   Mar 29, 2017  

Can't wait to build mine! how does it fly?

ThePanda   Mar 29, 2017 

Dont know built it and then the rain hit hopefully ill get it oit this weekend

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By Whiffles 22 days ago

Buy it for $99 with coupon EV100 on the EV100 at Banggood The much anticipated Eachine EV100 headset has finally arrived! Opinions have been quite polarized and unless you've never flown FPV before you're likely to find fault in the field of view (FOV). I've tried a number of headsets and have to admit that I've been spoiled by the FatShark HD2 and HD3 goggles. That being said this is nowhere near that price bracket, so I'd like to compare the EV100 to a few headsets around the same price. Keep in mind that these cost $100 when they were released, so the current $159 price is likely to come down. EV100 vs the Competition I've been a long supporter of the Eachine EV800. It's a great headset for the price (~$55). Feature for feature it's the most comparable headset to the EV100. Both keep reading..

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