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By BQE on Apr 24, 2017

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BQE Pixel micro racer for 2.5" props on 1102. This is a quick build with the pinned together FC and esc board. 25amp escs is totally overkill on something like this, but the price and weight is great compared to a piko blx + cicada 10a. It's really convenient to be able to pull the quad apart without having to desolder the fc from the escs. I sacrificed a bit of weight to have a plug for the camera too. This will also fit up to 3" props, not just the 2435's shown here. The quad is noticeably faster on 3" gemfans, but really agile and quick on either. The gemfans really are a tight squeeze though, so you have to use m2 standoffs, and be ready to change a prop if you bend it because it will likely be rubbing on something once bent. 2.5" is a better bet, or trimmed to just under 3".

Flies great on 2s Turnigy Bolt 500mah HV's. I'm planning on switching over to xt30 plugs, don't really have any love for JST plugs.

As shown in the photo, 52.7g

UPDATE: I'm having some weird problems with the FC/ESC tower... I think the escs are sending spikes back and frying cameras on me. So, Buyer beware of the v1 HGLRC XJB...



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thumbtwiddler   Apr 25, 2017  

and you made an amazing build at only $157 dollars. congrats!

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BQE   Apr 27, 2017 

I haven't seen that one. did a quick search but came up empty.

K24cl9   Apr 28, 2017 

More info on this frame? lol

thumbtwiddler   Oct 02, 2017 

Ok so i cant find it, but in the flitetest episode where they revealed the gremlin 2 inch frames, Alex showed off the frame. im not sure if you can buy it, but i really want it

Whiffles   Apr 27, 2017  

Interesting way to pass the motor wires around the standoffs. Is there a functional purpose to that? Great looking build BTW! Have you tried 3" props on it?

BQE   Apr 27, 2017 

I do that so the motors have a little extra wire to work with when disassembling, and so if I do screw up a motor wire, I always have a second chance to recut and solder shorter. a motor with a wire that is 3mm too short is junk... so I err on the side of caution with these little ones.

It also makes it less likely to tear off the solder pad in a prop strike situation.

BQE   May 03, 2017 

oh, @Whiffles - I haven't tried 3" on mine yet, but one of my guys runs 3" on his, on 1103 10000kv, and it's really nice and fast. fits fine in most cases, you just need a clean build.

BQE   May 05, 2017 

edit on the 3" prop question: you need to use M2 hardware, and non-bent props. I was just trying to fit 3" RotorX props on a build and it wasn't looking like it was going to work with the m3 hardware I wanted to use. you could trim a half millimeter and it would work. might just be the shape of the RotorX... waiting on some DYS 3" to try too.

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