Screaming frog

By Oeliboeb on May 01, 2017

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This is my second build and I'm very happy with it. Initially, I wasn't planning on building another quad soon but when a friend of mine crashed it into a pond to be never found again. When I saw this frame I immediately knew I wanted that frame. I'd rather have the black variant of this camera or the monster v2 but this camera I had laying around. The motors are pretty good and powerful but I wished they came with longer wires. To reach the 4 in 1 esc i had to lengthen the wires with some red 20awg wire I ordered for that purpose but it definitely was a pain. The clean power is provided by the 3A bec in the esc trough the fc so its own bec won't explode but the fc can still read vbat which it shows in its built-in osd. The foto of the finished build shows the sma-connector under the top plate but later I realised it was too flimsy and it could hit a prop very easily so my friend came up with the idea of mounting it on top where it is mounted with 2 zip ties.

Things I like:
-The frame is fantastic
-Setting up the esc was easy with no calibration needed thanks to dshot
-Betaflight osd
-ibus receiver with voltage telemetry
-I can just reach the button and see the little display on my vtx in the back

Things that could be improved:
-I don't have a buzzer installed yet
-I did a horrible job soldering the motor wires to the esc
-I don't like the way the xt60 is mounted, it looks too fragile
-The antenna wires are way too long



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ratpunter   Feb 20, 2018  

I am absolutely loving this frame as well! Tell me, how much did it weigh with everything on it?

Oeliboeb   Feb 20, 2018 

To be honest I disassembled the build because I bought another frame right after. I am thinking to do a rebuild with this frame using some 2207 motors. I still love it and it's definitely the strongest frame i own. I'll be sure to post the rebuild here when it's done.

tophe75   Jun 26, 2017  

In the BLHeli app for Chrome you can activate "Becon Delay" and you don´t need a buzzer on the quad.
Works great as long as the battery stays connected ;-)

Oeliboeb   Jun 26, 2017 

Thanks man! I don't have much time this week but I'll do that before the next time i fly

Whiffles   May 01, 2017  

Looks great! Now you just need a nice landscape photo for the cover image. The red mesh looks good!

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Oeliboeb   May 03, 2017 

well i did fly yesterday but the weather wasn't very nice.

Whiffles   May 03, 2017 

Did you have a successful maiden?

Oeliboeb   May 06, 2017 

I did! It was very windy though and I only had time to fly 3 packs or so but it already felt way faster than my previous quad which had tornado t1 2300kv motors. But once again i forgot to make some nice photos but it was getting dark anyway. Next time I build a new copter i'll maiden it first and take some nice pictures before posting the build.

Aahi   May 01, 2017  

Hi Oeli,

Nice build with the 4in1 and the wire mesh gard, I'm going for a similar config on my next one. Can I suggest one thing? I have tried the receiver wires running down the arms like you (with the same receiver) and have had poor reception issues. I switched to the technique similar to Wiffles' frog build and my reception has been twice as good. It's scary cause it seems like they would get in the props but I've had no issues, the prop wash is always pushing them down and they never get bent from crashing. Now I get to 300m range easy without a low signal warning on my Turnigy Evolution.


Oeliboeb   May 02, 2017 

Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely do that. It also looks safer for the antenna compared to my solution.

EuthaNasi   May 02, 2017 

I can confirm both Whiffles and Aahi's solution to this problem. Check my build to see how I copied it :)
Run the antenna wires from the back to the front alongside the alu/metal fram and the let the be guided by the (heatshrinked) zip ties. The length fits much better that way, no sticking out.

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