Frame Skitzo

By Microdure on May 15, 2017

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Frame Skitzo esc lumenier 30ax4 fc boris b. Brushless rcx 2206



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VWCLogan   May 16, 2017  

Where did you find that antenna/led mount. if its on thingiverse, do you mind linking it?

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QuadBaumer   May 18, 2017 

Which antenna support...? there are dozens...

Whiffles   May 16, 2017  

That's some serious motor wire! Why such a heavy gauge?

Microdure   May 16, 2017 

I work with full deoxygenated copper wiring with a high quality silicone sheath
Braiding makes the cable wider but lighter than traditional wiring in the end.

Whiffles   May 16, 2017 

Interesting, looks pretty nice.

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