Shrike // Street Edition

By Clutzz on Mar 11, 2016

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This is the X-Labs Shrike 185 with a little street flair.
Created by Zach (A_Nub) to be a stripped-down, streamlined racing machine.

A fast little X frame, I've upgraded to tri-blade DAL v2 and the power is there. I would even consider some higher-kv motors on this.
Vinyl auto stickerbomb wrap on the CF makes for a unique build without hydro-dipping.



Part List



Flight Controller

Acro Naze 32


4 x DYS XM Seris XM20A BLHeli mini 20A ESC V1 For High KV Power Electronic Speed Controller (8 builds)


4 x Cobra CM-2204/28 Multirotor Motor, Kv=2300


DAL Indestructible 5 Inch T5045 Tri-Blade V2 - Purple

FPV Camera

Mini FPV Pilot Cam Sony Super HAD II 600TVL (HS1177) IR block

FPV Transmitter

HawkEye MINI RACE BAND 5.8GHZ 200mW 32CH A/V Transmitter


FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH Receiver (480 builds)

HD Camera

RunCam 2 (7 builds)
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Clutzz   Mar 12, 2016  


Whiffles   Mar 12, 2016 

Nice video. Is there a particular reason you criss-cross the power leads from the ESCs to the PDB? And are you soldering a ground from each ESC to the FC? Are you just reaching around your camera on a tripod?

Clutzz   Mar 12, 2016 

The way LittleBee ESCS are designed, all the solder pads are on one side and when I swap ESCs I like to desolder/resolder straight from the board, so i need them facing one direction. The pads for the Shrike were reversed for me, so I had to cross all of my power lines.
The Falcon PDB (Flynocerous Cloverleaf PDB) was made reversible for exactly this reason.

Yeah it's not always necessary but I'm in the habit of soldering the ESC ground leads. On recent builds I'm experimenting with soldering the ESC power/signal ground wires together.

Ha yeah, I've got an adjustable tripod attached to my desk and an overhead camera I didn't use for this. I knock it over a lot 💣 💣 💣

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