Unhappy Jappy

By Walker on Jun 02, 2017

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Love how this thing looks but it kinda flies like a brick. Really not digging the wide x configuration. I suppose it might just be that I still haven't managed to get a good tune on it, but I'm really not flying this rig much since my other 3"ers are so much more locked in.

Edit 8/27/17 - I've broken an arm and bent and stripped the aluminum bits, but feel I should temper my immediate impression above. Just initiated the warranty on this thing and the Chameleon, and am hoping they'll send me the 4" bottom plate instead on the 3".

I ended up putting in an hour or so of tuning and got to a place where I was pretty happy with the way it flew. Came to appreciate the wide stance for its roll and yaw authority despite the extra turbulence in the rear.. For a moment after I flashed 3.2 and enabled dynamic filtering, it might even have become my favorite 3 incher over the mini cerberus, but then a phantom branch sent it into a granite boulder and it tried to explode. Definitely not as durable as the mini cerb (or as I would prefer), but it was a hard crash... I guess I'm still a little disappointed because of the price point - would expect more than mid grade carbon for the money. That said, if they just widened the arms where they meet the bodies of both this and the Chameleon a little, I would probably have two more flyable quads right meow.



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Whiffles   Jun 02, 2017  

Might want to try the 4" baseplate to give it a little more oomph.

Walker   Jun 03, 2017 

Totally would if I hadn't gone with the 4000kv motors. Then again I doubt the 4" version will keep up with the garagecrab, so I'd probably just be building another backup I wouldn't fly much...

May just part the thing out or unload it on eBay. I do like looking at it though :)

Whiffles   Jun 03, 2017 

Yeah, it's definitely a nice looking frame.

Bushwacka FPV   Jun 02, 2017  

those DYS props are awful and flexly.

I was using them on a 200 gram AUW 3 inch and switch the Dal 3045 BN and was so much happier. but reading how heavy this thing is no way I try it on 3 inch props.

Walker   Jun 03, 2017 

I'm not sure they're awful, but definitely not as good as the rx3040t they're based on. Personally not a fan of the Dal bullnose 3" - they make tons of thrust but have shit feel and exaggerate mid throttle oscillations IME.

Above all I prefer the RK 3" props (bullnose the least), especially the new crane style ones. Sometimes I thrash too many and it just becomes a question of whatever I have in my bag ...

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