By FlyKow on Jun 11, 2017

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Whiffles   15 days ago  

How do you like those motors? I'm doing a very similar build this week, and this will be my first Cobra build.

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FlyKow   11 days ago 

Nope, you recommend them?

Whiffles   10 days ago 

Definitely! Try them. They're tri-blades.

QuadX   16 days ago  

My dream build!!

How do you find those batteries?

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QuadX   13 days ago 

Haha! Gemfan do the same props actually - in chrome as well as gold. they might work better!

FlyKow   11 days ago 

Yeah i used the Gemfan ones... fragile as a flower!

kanahmal   17 days ago  

No chance of losing that in the tall grass. Clean build!

FlyKow   16 days ago 

Was going for as clean as possible... should have gone for the 4in1 ESCs...

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