SpaceOne Reentry Edition

By JohnnieRico on Jun 11, 2017

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Updated picture to current setup

If my color scheme doesn't scream "Witness Me!" I don't know what does.

I've been beating the hell out of this build for months, it was sticky with chewed leaves and sap so I cleaned it and gave it a new look. Actual cost was $150 and it flies freestyle better and more smoothly than any of my other quads.

Removed the motor anodizing, I'm tired of red. The chrome is vinyl for wrapping a car. Normally you wrap metal to look like carbon, I'm doing the opposite



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Whiffles   Jun 11, 2017  

Wow, that price. How did you get that silver effect?

JohnnieRico   Jun 11, 2017 

The chrome is using something like this:
It's great because it also insulates your electronics from the carbon frame.

I painted the camera case with enamel silver. And used drain cleaner to remove the anodizing from the motors. That last one I encourage caution on, caustic soda is nasty stuff. I also wasn't sure it'd work but I have a lot of these motors ($4 a piece) so it was worth a shot.

As for price I always use a coupon code of some sort from banggood

Whiffles   Jun 11, 2017 

Well it looks great, nice work! Did you remove the bells from the motors or did you de-anodize the entire thing?

JohnnieRico   Jun 12, 2017 

Thanks! I did take off the bells, wasn't sure what would happen to the windings.

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