Silver Bullet

By UnderDawg on Jul 08, 2017

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Danfpv   Oct 10, 2017  

Wow, very clean build... Thats not just normal wire mesh is it?

UnderDawg   Oct 10, 2017 

Thanks! It really is a top quality mesh. I listed it in misc parts.

HuxleyX   Jul 08, 2017  

Whats the AUW like?

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Whiffles   Jul 09, 2017 

Do you think you're missing out on a little power with the smaller motors?

UnderDawg   Jul 09, 2017 

With out a doubt, but for a new pilot such as my son I think this rig is a great setup.This build also allowed me to setup the new Taranis. Now we can both fly together.....without him having the advantage of power over this old dawg.

Whiffles   Jul 09, 2017 

Awesome! I'm still training my oldest on a brushed micro. It'll be some time before he can step up to brushless.

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