216 Stretch P Plus + Build

By wklee.fpv on Jul 02, 2017

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Ready to go outdoor to test if it is flyable!!


Part List


3DPOWER 218-JENT-SP Stretch P Plus+ FPV Racing Quadcopter Frame

Flight Controller

Matek F405-OSD BetaFlight STM32F405 Flight Controller Built-in OSD Inverter for SBUS Input (100 builds)


Spedix 30a 4 in 1 Dshot 600 BlHeli_S ESC for FPV RACING (89 builds)


4 x BrotherHobby T1 Tornado 1407 3600kv FPV Quad Motor For FPV Racing (196 builds)


10 Pairs Kingkong 4045 4x4.5 Inch PC Fiberglass Propellers CW CCW for Multicopter (4 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift Mini 1/3 CCD PAL Micro Camera IR Blocked FOV 130 Degree 2.1/2.5mm FPV (59 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine VTX03 Super Mini 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mw/200mW Switchable FPV Transmitter (426 builds)


3DPOWER 5.8Ghz 5G8 Linear Antenna w/ IPX U.FL connector (16 builds)


Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS Full Range Receiver Up to 16CH (1368 builds)


Infinity 850mah 14.8V 70C 4S1P Race Spec Lipo Battery for FPV Racing (6 builds)


FrSky R9M 900MHz Long Range Transmitter Module (2 builds)

HD Camera

Runcam Split 2 HD FPV Camera + Wifi Module + GoPro Quality Lens (81 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session (197 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (197 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Micro TX (102 builds)
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Quadlite   Jun 24, 2018  

HELL yes.... I love lightweight 4 inch frames. This is the 1st one ive seen on a "+" frame. Looks incredible!

wklee.fpv   Jul 30, 2017  

Finally got time to test it:

Zenith   Jul 05, 2017  

Interesting build. Custom carbon fiber plates?
Please post a video of LOS flight!

wklee.fpv   Jul 05, 2017 

Confirm it is flyable and impressed with how it handled the 180 sharp turn.

adarkthinline   Jul 03, 2017  

How was the test flight??? Is this available for sale? Sign me up if so...!?!

wklee.fpv   Jul 05, 2017 

Confirm it is flyable and impressed with how it handled the 180 sharp turn.

Oeliboeb   Jul 02, 2017  

What the hell?! I need a video of this thing flying...

delta_fpv   Jul 02, 2017 

ikr when i saw it i was like WHAT THE FUCK but its so awesome

where did that name come from btw?

Oeliboeb   Jul 02, 2017 

It's my nickname my father gave me. It's almost inpossible to pronounce it in English but in Dutch it kinda sounds like 'ooleeboop'. It doesn't mean anything in any language so i kept it as my nickname. So where does delta fpv come from?

delta_fpv   Jul 04, 2017 

I built an ft arrow recently and ouldnt come up with a name so i thought, what the heck might as well go with delta fpv.

thumbtwiddler   Jul 03, 2017  

Holy crap that looks awesome

Burning North   Jul 03, 2017  

Oh man, if you ever decide to start selling this frame, I'll be first in line.

i_LiKe_dRoNe   Jul 02, 2017  

I was skrolling through the latest page, then I noticed. Something strange....

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