'Murican Crab

By Walker on Jul 10, 2017

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Blew up Omnibus F3 Nano v1 & fried V2's BEC powering VTX, receiver and taillight. Ordered F4 Nano v3 in hopes of third time charm, but am presently using a spare PikoBLX so it isn't a $300 paperweight in the interim.

It's very quick, but a little underpowered to carry a GoPro and retain its desirable flight characteristics. Maybe the new BH 1608 or returner 1806 would satisfy in that regard, but I'm content to just thrash this thing around for the joy of it.


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lazd   16 days ago  

Nice build! I was worried the Nano V2s BEC would be weak, they always write "1.5A" but that's the maximum current at a 0.1V drop, and we're asking for a 11.8V drop... All of my Crabs have a separate BEC, using the RTFQ 1-17V adjustable voltage regulator, it gets the job done.

As far as carrying a GoPro, I have an identical build with RG 1407 3200kV, Bullet 20A, and DAL T4045 v2, but I run 1000mAh batteries, and though it carries the GoPro just fine it's definitely not as nimble as it is without it, but it's still a joy to fly.

Walker   15 days ago 

Your treetop zooming videos definitely piqued my interest in the frame.

I agree it carries a session fine as is, but for me what is given up isn't worth the buttery video. I even went down to an 850 trying to keep the cornering and hangtime, but it wasn't a compromise I was happy with. I guess I just have too many quads capable of doing the job better. First world problems.

Running a 1300 sans GoPro I'm getting 4-5 minute flights if I'm not putting the hammer down the whole time, which is pretty joyous :)

lazd   15 days ago 

I guess we'll need to do a RunCam Split-sporting crab build soon :)

1300mAh is a bit heavier than the frame was designed for, let me know how it holds up to abuse!

Whiffles   16 days ago  

Looks fantastic! Might want to crop your cover image to center the quad. It'll show up a lot better.

Walker   15 days ago 

Thank you!

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