Blue Atom

By Rickybobby on Jul 12, 2017

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I wish I had a scale...


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Whiffles   12 days ago  

The color coordination between the props and canopy is great! How hot do your motors come down with those props?

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Whiffles   11 days ago 

Great! Got any footage?

Rickybobby   11 days ago 

No :( I'll hit you up when I get some though. I haven't bought a sd card for my fatshark yet haha.

UnderDawg   14 days ago  

Nice! I wish you had a scale as well. I'm about to rebuild mine and go back to the stock canopy with the Micro Swift.

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UnderDawg   12 days ago 

You guy's keep an eye out on those XJB's. I just had the negative pad lift off while unplugging the battery on my Underpup. If you have a way to zip-tie the leads down, I would do it.

Rickybobby   12 days ago 

I was trying to think of a way to run it out the back for that reason, but haven't decided how. Good looks!

stefanm84   12 days ago  

are 1407 motors the largest you can fit on this frame?

Rickybobby   12 days ago 

The largest motor this frame fits is ones with 12x12mm mounting holes. I'm not sure if 1407 is the largest in that class.

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