Atom Ant

By kanahmal on Jul 15, 2017

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Tight build. Vtx-03 started life as a Dtx-03 but I had to cut the dvr part off, too tight.
Second build ever.


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BearPants   9 days ago  

Can you shorten the battery wires to save weight? What are your flight times and have you posted a youtube video yet? Can you fly a 3s battery?

kanahmal   9 days ago 

I could probably shorten the wires but I'll wait till I have some wires in a slightly smaller guage. As for the rest I'm waiting for my weekend to get it tuned and flying right.

Not sure about 3s, 10000kv is pretty high for that, but ill definitely pick up a pack to try it out.

BearPants   7 days ago 

Nive let me know!

Currently   10 days ago  

Something about this build really strikes a cord with me. Its pretty awesome!

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