Bullshark 65mm

By lazd on Aug 11, 2017

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Bullshark frames are in their last round of revisions and will be available for purchase in early September!

Bullshark is one of the first 2-2.5" capable frames that supports the CCD RunCam Micro. With a 50° stretch-x layout and a proper camera, Babyshark is both small and capable, and managed to take 1st place at the MultiGP IO Micro track with Phreakin FPV at the controls.

This build was fun and came together really quick thanks to the XJB stack's simple wiring layout. I even managed to sandwich 3 programmable WS2812 LEDs into the build directly until the snap/screw in shark fin.

The build didn't end up as light as I wanted because I had to use aluminum standoffs and steel screws, but the final kits will come with nylon standoffs and aluminum screws to keep the weight down.



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