Better with Butter

By si618 on May 26, 2016

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My first quadcopter build, so lots of mistakes and lots more to learn., but really enjoyed the process.

Built around "Butters", a slow-fly quad by shrendrones. Weight sans battery 241g. Running BetaFlight 2.7.1, BL Heli 14.5.

Outer top and bottom plate prepped using 800 grit wet'n'dry, then coated with CA (super-glue) before final sanding of 1200 wet'n'dry. All done wet. Experimented with 3M 2228 rubber mastic tape. Enjoyed using it to secure VTX & antenna to upper plate. Not sure about ESCs. Wiring could be reduced by mounting OSD directly onto FC board using header pins. Bracket for FPV camera was a few mm too wide for frame, so 3" front props needed a trim.

Photos taken a week after first flight, so frame had a brutal impact into concrete pavers after a failed flip in super acro mode, You can see the damage in the front left upper plate, which was patched with epoxy resin. Being a mountain biker, I was sceptical of carbon fibre, now I'm a convert :)

Thanks to all those producing content to help builders and pilots. I've learnt a lot from videos by Joshua Bardwell and Chad Nowak (FinalGlideAus), kudos! Shouts out to all local crews helping newcomers get started, and thanks to the friendly folks at Adelaide FPV:



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Drope   Jun 02, 2016  

it looks great to me! love your heatsink scales for the VTX

si618   Jun 02, 2016 

Thanks! I wanted to mount the antenna out the back, so using 3M 2228 tape was the best way I could figure out how to attach it and the VTX to the frame :) It provides nice shock absorption, is secure, and the VTX floats on the frame, since most of the tape is around the antenna.

Joshua Bardwell mentioned that 2228 tape needs protection from UV, so you'd need to cover it with something else e.g. 3M 33+ tape. 2228 is super goopy, and a pain to remove, so I won't be using it on ESCs again.

Drope   Jun 02, 2016 

goopy... yuck. that is good beta ty. you should do a fly vid. i really love that frame and looks so fun

Whiffles   May 26, 2016  

Nice intro. I appreciate a build with a personal touch. Looks great for a first build!

si618   May 26, 2016 

Cheers! In hindsight, a 130mm quad is pretty small for a first build, but I love flying it around our home and garden :)

Whiffles   May 26, 2016 

It's a good size. Easy to maintain, easy to travel with and fun. I'd love to make a little 130 at some point.

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