My Chameleon beauty!

By grmbl on Sep 20, 2017

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Compact Chameleon build, reversed Matek PDB to have the XT60 coming out behind the "head",
because the Matek F405-OSD flatcable I alos had to turn the FC 180 degrees. Props are installed reversed.
Dys Aria ESC protective covers have been cut in half and only upper half is used because of ridicilous height
of these boxes. Did wrap arms unders ESC with insulation tape. Had a good maiden flight (

but gopro footage showed some smoke when landing... Appears one ESC was acting up and burned up when connected pack at
home. This ESC acted weird in BLHeli Suite on setup so I gues it was a DOA, replaced and everything works fine now!!!
I would love to add some more orange accents so I'm getting some orange straps, orange landing pads and I might
drip paint the frame with some orange spraypaint...

Happy flying!



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jasonlavender   Aug 30, 2018  

How did you get the fc to realize that it was flipped around. I have a very similar build, and cant figure it out.

thumbtwiddler   Sep 20, 2017  

how do you like butter cutters compared to hq 5030 tri's? i havent used them irl so just wondering

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thumbtwiddler   Sep 20, 2017 

nice! i used them in liftoff and i like em because they feel drifty like the 5030x3's but still have some grip almost like a 4 blade

grmbl   Sep 20, 2017 

Yeah if you want more grip go for the more slanted (?) props like the cyclones and buttercutters, not sure if the buttercutters are more powerfull then the
cyclones (which felt nice but less power so yeah...) Next rip session I'll swap em and see.

thumbtwiddler   Sep 20, 2017 

yeah i also tried the racekraft 5051 tris and those felt pretty good, just a tad rougher

cyberfpv   Sep 20, 2017  

where did u get that tiny tube for the antennas?

grmbl   Sep 20, 2017 

These were already on my receiver antennas (TGY-ia6c)

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