BeeBlue : TomoQuads Lil Predator

By ClfHngr on Sep 12, 2017

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After hearing a lot of great experiences with 2" quads (previously had a 2.5" 110mm Chopstick and a 64mm brushless), I decided to try out TomoQuad's Lil Predator. The key points in this frame for me were supporting the Runcam Micro Swift FPV camera and the easy to build layout of the electronics. From prior experiences on other micro builds, having the electronics on it's own standoffs instead of being a part of the frame make for a great flight. While other micros I have flew just fine, this one is hands down the best in flight so far that I've built.

Videos coming soon.



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thumbtwiddler   22 hours ago  

is it made out of composite material?

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