X5C What You Did There

By Danballah on Sep 21, 2017

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This originally started with just the brushed board to get an acro x5c. Eventually added fpv (with OSD!). Later, when getting motors for my smaller brushed bills, I decided to cram 8520 53500 racer star motors in it. Had to use a Dremel to bore out the original 7mm motor holes. Removed the landing gear, clipped the brackets under the motor mounts, removed LEDs and the battery door for weight savings. Also, like my other brushed build, the higher c batteries helped a lot. It's interesting to fly, but the geared drives give it a real floaty feel, no matter how I try to tune my rates and pids. Don't know if I'd call it a success, but thought I'd share anyways.


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IronMew   27 days ago  

Hi! Could you share your PIDs? I've been trying to get Betaflight working on geared-drive quads using the same flight controller you have here, but my tuning abilities are laughable and I can't stop them wobbling like crazy and generally being uncontrollable.

Danballah   27 days ago 

Up the p and d a lot. Mine had osd so I could fly a little, up it by ten, fly again and compare. I robbed the vtx03 out of it and haven't flown it in a while. I never got a chance to try the dynamic filter but I bet it would help too. But I never got it feeling locked in

IronMew   27 days ago 

Ah, thanks. How high is "a lot"? Am I still looking at a two-digit number or do I need to go higher?

Danballah   27 days ago 

Maybe. A tiny whoop does pretty good around 100. I would think this would have more thrust and need less, except that the gearing makes it slower to respond, so it might actually need more p.

I'd start with 60, fly it 30 seconds, see if it feels good, check motor temp, and up it ten at a time until it feels good and motors don't get hot (warm is fine).

Now you got me considering replacing the vtx and trying this again. Lol

h0lylag   Sep 28, 2017  

Any video?

Danballah   Sep 28, 2017 

I have a dvr on the way, but no video. Need to try and tune it some more. Too many toys!

thumbtwiddler   Sep 22, 2017  

this is pretty much the raceflight phantom equivalent to a tiny whoop

Danballah   Sep 22, 2017 

I thought it would work out so much better than it did. It works, it's just not near as fun as I had hoped. I've thought about 2s, but the only 2s motors I can find are less than half the kv, do I don't know if it would do any good, especially with the heavier battery too

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