660mm Y6 Pixhawk GoPro Carrier

By Silverlogic55 on Aug 07, 2015

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This is my Y6 (660mm) made from a modified 3DR X8+ frame. Please excuse the wiring, its a work in progress, all of the ESC's will be relocated inside the bottom plates and motor wires will be loomed/heat shrunk/zip tied to the arms and Navigation lights will be installed.

The frame has been modified to accept 10mm carbon fiber arms rather than the standard short 19mm aluminum arms supplied by 3DR, additionally it's had holes drilled to allow for the tail boom

The 2 Axis gimbal has been disassembled and reconfigured from an underside mount to an "Under slung forward mount" which the photos do a much better job explaining. The GoPro Hero 3+ Silver is equipped with a Zomei ND4 Filter to cut down on the Southern Californian sun, and a video out cable running to the Fatshark Transmitter. I've also got a secondary RC receiver allowing a second person to control the Roll/Pitch of the gimbal.



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Silverlogic55   Apr 22, 2016  

So this is the direction this build has gone. Those are 5010 360kv Motors swinging 18"x5.5 carbon fiber props. It's Ludicrous.

Edit: 15" laptop for scale.

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Silverlogic55   Jun 29, 2016 

Well I've finally had a successful "Maiden" flight. It's a little sluggish but it basically "floats" with such large props. It's also the quietest multi-rotor I've ever witnessed, at a little over 20 feet it sounds like a household fan on a medium or low speed setting. No payload or endurance test just yet but i'll probably make a new build page for it rather than just update this one.

Whiffles   Jun 30, 2016 

Awesome! How about a 3rd person video of it taking off?

Silverlogic55   Jun 30, 2016 

I'll charge some batteries and see what I can do.

Silverlogic55   Aug 14, 2015  

Ordered some new 5010 motors to drive either 15" 3 blade Folding props or 18" Carbon Fiber props, Should be interesting.

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Silverlogic55   Sep 08, 2015 

They have worked flawlessly for me on 3 separate builds so far, and if i could figure out how to update the firmware on them, I'm sure they'd be fine for many more. (I've tried updating firmware, melted 3 of them experimenting).

fradioflyer   Sep 08, 2015 

I use these ESCs in my build. Same price... not sure if the firmware is updateable, though.

Silverlogic55   Sep 08, 2015 

I've been looking at These, They're Oneshot125 compatible with Damped Light(18" props take DAYS to slow down). And i dont need BEC's anyway.

JosephKing   Aug 07, 2015  

Do you know if that's a genuine pixhawk?

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Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015 

How many satellites are you seeing? Is that the $20 one that can be purchased at Banggood?

Whiffles   Aug 12, 2015 

Oh I see the one you listed from Hobbyking. I wonder how it's different from the cheaper alternatives.

Silverlogic55   Aug 12, 2015 

The most I've seen so far was 15 satellites, and that was inside a building.

Whiffles   Aug 09, 2015  

Might be nice to use a high res photo for your cover image. It'll use whatever you upload last. I may change that to let you select the cover image from any of your uploads.

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Silverlogic55   Aug 11, 2015 

Added a few more updated photos with the video transmitter and much improved wiring, Also the navigation lights(should get a green to match actual navigation light standards), and a much higher res Hover shot for the cover.

Whiffles   Aug 11, 2015 

Awesome! Those are some nice photos. Very interesting gimbal mounting you've got there. I've never seen it done that way before.

Silverlogic55   Aug 11, 2015 

I much prefer the front mount 2-axis gimbals but couldn't find one for a price i was willing to pay, so i modified a $50 Ebay gimbal to suit my needs.

Whiffles   Aug 07, 2015  

I'd love to see some footage. I'm running a Xiaomi Yi and without an ND filter my midday footage is pretty washed out. I've started to limit my flights to evenings to avoid it until I can find a decent ND filter for the Yi.

Silverlogic55   Aug 08, 2015 

I don't yet have any footage from this specific Y6, but i do have some footage from my previous version shooting through the ND4 filter, let me see if i can dig it up for you.

Edit; Found it and uploaded it to YouTube.

First Clip is about 2pm on July 17th, second clip is about an hour and a half before sunset July 20th.

Whiffles   Aug 08, 2015 

Looks like it works very well. I may just need to make one for my Yi.

Silverlogic55   Aug 10, 2015 

The mounting collars are very forgiving, you could probably just slap a ring of 3M double sided foam tape on the Yi and be fine.

johnslims   Aug 08, 2015  

Good prop pitch choice!

Silverlogic55   Aug 10, 2015 

They slightly overload the motors at max throttle, but its a camera-ship not a 250 racer, i don't think I've ever given it full throttle in this configuration.

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