How I build my BOLT210

By Le Thanh Tung on Oct 02, 2017

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This is the build process of my BOLT210. Of course, I did a paint job to the frame to make it look unique.



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sp00f FPV   Oct 28, 2017  

What did you paint with? Kinda looks like nail polish.

Le Thanh Tung   Oct 29, 2017 

There is a video of how I build it, you will see I used spray paint.

Dafoof   Oct 27, 2017  

Sick build! i notice that you use the flycolor stack a lot, hows that work out? pretty reliable?

Le Thanh Tung   Oct 27, 2017 

Yes, the Flycolor stack is reliable. I flew many many flights with it with no problem.

Third Eye FPV   Oct 03, 2017  

The motor wiring / soldering / braided sleeves and heat shrink are clean as - frikken primo dude! Amazing work there.

What's that 3D printed part that holds the buzzer and receiver? Is there a link to it?

Le Thanh Tung   Oct 05, 2017 
Jodie Froster   Oct 02, 2017  

That is one of the most professional presentations I have seen on this site. Cudos. Also: I dig the yellow and white WAY more than I normally would, very stylish.

Whiffles   Oct 02, 2017  

Is this build complete? I noticed it's still "In-Progress".

Le Thanh Tung   Oct 02, 2017 

It is completed. Hope you will like it.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 02, 2017  


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