The "HellaCopter" - My very 1st multirotor build.

By AcroFPV on Nov 24, 2017

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So to celebrate my 5th year in Multirotors, I have decided to do a rotorbuild on the very first aircraft I ever flew. My DIY RCexplorer tricopter.

It all started when I went to my friends house and saw him trying to fly his new toy RC helicopter. I had always been into RC cars and trucks since a kid... and I had an Axial RC crawler at home. So i thought "Hey maybe it would be cool to get a RC Helicopter." Later that evening I went home and began my search for affordable, hobby grade RC Helicopters. That is when I came across Hall Studio & his SimpleCopter which was based off the RCexplorer tricopter build. I knew right then & there I had to build one of my own!

That week I listed my Axial crawler for sale on eBay and was able to sell it to fund my Tricopter Build.
I started by buying a Turnigy 9X off ebay that was premodded with ER9X firmware. I also purchased a chinese USB dongle that would allow me to connect my 9X to the PC and play simulators like Pheonix or Real Flight. This worked great to help me build a little muscle memory while HobbyKing sat on my order.

Two or Three weeks later I finally got my parts off the slow-boat from china, and was able to begin my build. And the rest, they say... is History.

Here is one of the first video edits I did for this build. No FPV action back then, all LOS!



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metropolis   Dec 08, 2017  

Fuck GoPro, let's go back to camcorders! That's nuts dude, nice! :D

thumbtwiddler   Nov 25, 2017  

dude save some pussy for the rest of us

LeRAW   Nov 25, 2017  

Happy 5th anniversary :) Very cool, very Mad Max!

Whiffles   Nov 24, 2017  

That tire :)

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