Low Profile Acro Machine

By wklee.fpv on Oct 10, 2017

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My first Acro machine:

HS Skipper-250 X Kit
Spedix GS30 30A Dshot1200 BlHeli 32 bit ESC
HQ Props 5043 5x4.3x3 Propellers
RunCam Swift Micro 2
Matek 5.8G Video Transmitter VTX-HV
Frsky XM+



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Dhananjeyan   Oct 13, 2017  

maybe another way to get the cog closer to the prop line is to lower the motor mounting position by makeing the end of the arm hollow to fit the motor and make a something underneath the arm to hold the motor. This way you could adjust the cog closer to your propline depending on the components you choose.

wklee.fpv   Oct 14, 2017 

any picture to illustrate your design?

wklee.fpv   Oct 15, 2017 

thanks for your help. it seems that finally I understand your design.

Potatoess   Oct 14, 2017  

hi is there any way i can help you design your acro frame im good in cad designing.

wklee.fpv   Oct 14, 2017 

yes please pm me.

Dhananjeyan   Oct 11, 2017  

is this a custom cut frame?

wklee.fpv   Oct 14, 2017 


Potatoess   Oct 11, 2017  

does it matter if most of the mass is closest to cog or can the mass be distrubuted anywhere as long as it has the same cog position.

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Potatoess   Oct 12, 2017 

Im sorry i didnt say what i wanted to say very clearly. What i meant was as long as the cog is on the prop line does it matter how the weight is distributed.

wklee.fpv   Oct 13, 2017 

yes. you are right. as long as the CG is on the prop line it doesnt matter how the weight is distributed. thats why I am playing around with the motor shim and see how the COG affected the handling.

Potatoess   Oct 13, 2017 

Wouldnt a true x frame be best if u want most of the wait towards the center

wklee.fpv   Oct 12, 2017  

playing around with the motor shim and see how the COG affected the handing.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 10, 2017  

i really like the frame! whats it called?

wklee.fpv   Oct 11, 2017 

it is a prototype. after it is fully test, we will list it to the parts list

thumbtwiddler   Oct 11, 2017 


wklee.fpv   Oct 11, 2017  

my first acro quad and had a rush test today:

Potatoess   Oct 11, 2017  

i think for the best freestyle frames the cog should be exactly on the prop line

wklee.fpv   Oct 11, 2017 

yes. you are right. thats why it is a low profile quads. the standoff is only 12mm tall and better use a AIO FC.

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