A few photos as requested (Some for work and some for play).

By Charles Hidalgo on Oct 18, 2017

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I've had a few ask for me to post some quads together and I always forget to get sone together In single photos., Here's a few ranging from small 66mm size to 1400mm and prices ranging from 100.00 to 15,000.00 (not including camera). It's an ever changing good time of gear always though. I've also included a few photos of the larger multirotors and wings that pay the bills. I know it's not the conventional post so I'll remove it if it's not okay.





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Pegasus   Dec 13, 2017  

"...Mini quads are for fun and stress relief..." Oh man, it does look like you have a really stressed life! Lol!

Charles Hidalgo   Dec 14, 2017 

When flying an Alta8 with a 45,000.00 Alexa Mini camera setup a couple hundred dollar mini quad in Acro mode definatly is stress relief.

dyoungs   Oct 29, 2017  

I'm genuinely confused... just exactly what does one do with that many quads/wings/multi rotors?

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 29, 2017 

The wings and big multirotors are for my Data mapping,, NDVI surveying, thermal inspection, AP film/photography, and search and rescue all which I get paid to do. .Mini quads are for fun and stress relief. Hope that clears things up.

dyoungs   Oct 29, 2017 

So you fine with sending me just one right? :P

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 29, 2017 

I sell builds all the time if you are interested. :)

theGreenOrange   Oct 23, 2017  

Wow! I assumed you were selling these as you made them. Nice fleet!

thumbtwiddler   Oct 19, 2017  

i don't think that's enough quads

Charles Hidalgo   Oct 19, 2017 

There's tons more. No worries. That's around half.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 19, 2017 


Currently   Oct 19, 2017  

There's something warped here..I cant really put my finger on it but.....
I think its, not enough color. I think you missed a shade of the rainbow

volitant   Oct 18, 2017  


Lam3tta   Oct 18, 2017  

WHAT do you do for a living?

shutupshake   Oct 18, 2017  


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