Chameleon 5 - Sand Edition

By SPECTRE on Oct 19, 2017

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Armattan Chameleon 5" v4 - this is my second quad after a Martian II. I think it turned out pretty sexeh. Added the new Lumineer AXII-Stubby RHCP, black. Man, it really cleans up the build. No more broken, twisted, prop cut tx antennas! I ended up using the F30s 2600s instead of the Armattan Oomphs, mostly because of the orange wires. :P... I took inspiration from a few of the Chameleon builds using the F30s. I also liked the idea of running the XT60 up the front, off the PDB. Cant see it, but theres a low esr cap between the camera & the pdb where the XT60 routes. I ended up snapping an antenna tube on the maiden I just heated and bent the tubes perpendicular.



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JC250   Jan 23, 2018  

How do you like these ESCs compared to others?

SPECTRE   Feb 03, 2018 

I havnt had any problems with these Arias...I bought a set of IPEAKA 32 35A escs too, but their solder pads are wonky. Both great ESCs, but Id buy the ARIAs again in a heartbeat.

enrbgill   Oct 27, 2017  

Love it, full of questions! Did you paint around the edge of the frame, or is it part of that skin? (where did you get the skin too?)
How's the AXII Stubby working for you? Do you find that the battery/ top plate disrupts signal when you're flying back towards yourself?
I'm also thinking about running the XT60 up front, I can't decide if I love it or hate it - would you mount it like that again?
How have you found the antenna tubes after bending them out?

SPECTRE   Oct 28, 2017 

yeah dude. so I used an OIL based Sharpie Orange pen (~$5) for the edge. I used for the bottom skin.
I love the AXII stub. It has the best range to date, plus it's free of prop strikes. I havnt found the batt/top plate to obstruct signal.
I dont regret using the xt60 up front. again. Im free from prop strikes with the front/center orientation. Its a bit tight for shorter battery leads...but i make it work. Ill tell you what....I have never second guessed the xt60 up front vs on the side. Its ALWAYS clear of props in the fwd position. I have a new Chameleon build on the bench...gonna do the same setup..different guts, but same XT60 config. As for the degradation in signal strength that i have noticed because I only bent them about a cm forward. I just held a lighter to them for a second and pushed them forward. :)

Geo502   Nov 06, 2017 

I had my battery leads going through the front like this but had to change out because I couldn't fit the GoPro Session with most of my batteries attached.
Question - You using the factory sticky tape to secure your Dual Lock strip. I am having trouble with mine, it is so strong that it is starting to pill up when I pull my batteries off. Love it though and have installed dual lock on all my batteries and quads.

SPECTRE   Nov 06, 2017 

Im just using the 3M or Scotch dual lock strip. I got it at Home Depot. Im a big fan of that stuff. No more hook and latch velcro.

nahox   Oct 24, 2017  

I love the mounting solution for the battery. Do you have the power lead wrap over the battery?

SPECTRE   Oct 24, 2017 

The XT60 kinda bends to the left or right depending on which side the battery wires are oriented, not really over the top. Its pretty tight. very little battery wire slack.

Ill put a couple of pics up. Also updated the vtx antenna to a stub & reworked the RX antennas. Already snapped a tube off with the orientation shown here.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 19, 2017  

dude this build is primo

SPECTRE   Oct 19, 2017 

thx bro...this was a fun one to build. I need to weigh it still. it feels like a tank!

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