Santa Whoop

By on Nov 02, 2017

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This build should hopefully explain itself. Little santa is 4g which makes this one heavy but a lot of fun for the little (and big) kids. Plays a super loud Christmas tune too so is sure to annoy your partner/family on the lead up to Christmas. As at beginning of November this qaud is on special for $15 and $10 for the aio cam. It's based on the eachine e011 so has the larger 7mm motors and 260mah battery.

I have the furibee f3 betaflight board ready to go in and will update soon

More details of the build here:



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QuadMcFly   Nov 28, 2017  

Hah, best TinyWhoop yet!   Nov 28, 2017 

Thanks. After Christmas I'll get some weight out but not before I've annoyed everyone with the speaker at Christmas :)

PropWash   Nov 14, 2017  

A for creativity   Nov 14, 2017 


thumbtwiddler   Nov 03, 2017  

this is actually the best tiny whoop i have ever seen   Nov 04, 2017 

On the negative side it is heavy. On the positive side it annoys my wife something wicked.

bluesky8x   Nov 02, 2017  

Look nice   Nov 02, 2017 

Cheers, looking forward to stripping some weight after Christmas and getting the F3 board in.

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