By lazd on Nov 13, 2017

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Pre-orders are open for the Falcon Multirotors Splitshark at Get yours for $35!

Splitshark is a 3", 3S, 1106 HD rig that comes in at 175g all up!



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daichfpv   Dec 06, 2017  

nice! what adapter are you using to mount the zeus on top of the split board?

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lazd   Mar 16, 2018 

Post your build, ElectroGibit! I haven't seen a Split Mini Splitshark yet!

ElectroGibit   Mar 16, 2018 

Alright,I just finished it last night so I gotta organize all the pics and write it up, will probably do it this weekend

ElectroGibit   Mar 17, 2018 

Hey @lazd I ended up using a massive droner frame, but here ya go! https://rotorbuilds.com/build/10915

linens   Jan 29, 2018  

Are you able to put 14xx motors on this frame?

lazd   Jan 29, 2018 

No, it’s designed for 11XX motors. I can cut you a 1407 bottom plate though if you like.

linens   Jan 29, 2018 

Im still planning the build so Ill let you know if I go the 14xx route or not.

linens   Feb 03, 2018 

I decided to stick with 11xx pattern. Just placed my order for it!

lrvick   Jan 28, 2018  

@lazd The RS1106 thrust tests and guidance by EMAX indicate only the 4500Kv version is optimized for 3" props like RX3025. Is there a reason you went with the 6000Kv?

lazd   Jan 29, 2018 

They're totally fine, even with triblades. I get decent flight times and have plenty of power. I imagine you'd have even better flight times with 4500kV, so it's your choice!

Walker   Nov 26, 2017  

Excited about this one! Would be really cool if you were able to design a tpu camera protector of some sort.

Any chance it’ll fig an Asgard, or will the input tab/pads run into that rear standoff? RX1404 spinning triblades on 4s might be pretty zippy :)

lazd   Nov 29, 2017 

Hmm yeah I think the Asgard would hit the standoffs... I think the Zeus AIO is more than enough power for this rig, so there's really no need to go for a 30.5mm AIO, and with the softmount adapters or the suspension mount, it's easy to mount the Zeus on top of the Split.

I have been toying with ideas for a canopy and also designed more encompassing camera struts, but nothing has stuck yet. When it does, it'll be up on Thingiverse!

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