Blue Boy

By g2h0 on Jul 12, 2016

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For this build I hitched a ride on the hype train.



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thaddad2000   Aug 21, 2016  

I am building practically the same quad and I was wondering what your PID's are, Just to put me in the ballpark. Thanks.

g2h0   Sep 20, 2016 

My PIDs are 4.

Whiffles   Sep 20, 2016 

You might just want to start with the default PIDs and go from there. If you aren't seeing any oscillations during flight you may only want to adjust your rates according to your taste.

MattS   Jul 24, 2016  

Super clean build! What's the AUW (without battery)?

g2h0   Aug 08, 2016 


hexfpv   Aug 06, 2016  

How did you get the HS1190 to fit on the camera mount with the 3d printed parts? I haven't figured out how to get mine to fit yet...

g2h0   Aug 08, 2016 

I just took a knife to it and made it fit by trimming away at the back portion of the rubber.

Sky   Jul 13, 2016  

How is everything on this build holding up durability wise? It looks freaking clean!

g2h0   Jul 13, 2016 

I'll have to report back on durability because as of right now only testing flights. Pics were taken yesterday evening.

Whiffles   Jul 12, 2016  

Awesome build! I love the colors. How do you like the ZMX V3? I think this is the first I've seen of them.

g2h0   Jul 13, 2016 

Hard to tell with the limited LOS flights I've had with them but they do feel very powerful. I had to get pics up on the site before the whole thing starts looking too gross :-p

_russellb   Jul 13, 2016  

Did you use a filter to get clean power from the vtx to your camera?

g2h0   Jul 13, 2016 

Camera is being powered by straight battery voltage which doesnt seem to be a problem on the HS1190. Powering the cam this way allows for the built-in OSD to show your battery voltage.

volitant   Jul 12, 2016  

Lovely build, I bet he is quick!

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