Quark X HD

By IvanNik on Mar 04, 2018

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Quark X HD - (6inch quad with Connex Prosight video)

Quark X HD Frame produced by Armattan productions,
Canopy printed from Nylon carbon.
It's important to use Nylon/Carbon 3d filament

I've been playing a lot with normal antenna, custom antenna, different canopy types. Current canopy model is 3rd tested generation.

Weight: 400g (600g w/ battery)
Thrust/weight ratio: 1800*4 : 600 = 12 : 1
See also Motors tests

p.s. Thank you Steve for help with printing!



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idiotsniff   Mar 06, 2018  

Hi there, I'm wondering if you can tell me what Software this frame was designed in? thanks for your time,

IvanNik   Mar 06, 2018 

For 3D/2D I recommend Solidworks or similar.

For carbon parts ArmattanProductions points to http://qcad.org. I like this tool, it's easy and free but it only supports 2D.

Later I realized it's easy to create all parts in 3D, play and check complete assembly and export any part to 2D if required.

Currently   Mar 04, 2018  

So is connex actually viable? I must say that the hd video feed is very attractive.

IvanNik   Mar 04, 2018 

I like HD feed very much. I started FPV from Connex Prosight and then build analog quad Quark to try and compare.
There several problems with connex: weight, delay, external video receiver, poor OSD, price...
But overall I prefer HD. I think for fast quad it's the best option.

I've been flying HD for about 1 year. I replaced a lot of antennas and ordered new lens (you can see damaged lens on photos). Also broken 2 solid frames.. But main connex camera and VTX are still good.

Currently   Mar 05, 2018 

So basically once you try it, you cant go back? :/ I think ill try and hold off.

IvanNik   Mar 05, 2018 

Yes, HD is the future of FPV :)

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