ZMR250 - Nucleus PDB

By boostdd on Aug 18, 2015

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ZMR250 w/ Nucleus PDB

I've been a life long RC guy, but this build was my introduction to multirotors. I stumbled across a few PDB threads on RCGroup, and thought they were a fantastic idea. I figured it would simplify the build, and make for a very clean setup. So back in March the research and ordering had begun. The hardest part was certainly the waiting for parts to arrive... But in the end I think the build turned out great!

I am still a very amateur flyer, but hopefully with some practice I will eventually be able to successfully fly FPV. As of right now, I simply cruise around in large open fields. :)



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Whiffles   Aug 31, 2015  

I added some pageview stats. Now you can see how many people are looking at your build. If you click it you'll see a daily breakdown.

boostdd   Aug 31, 2015 

Thats awesome! Love it.

Whiffles   Aug 31, 2015 

Great! I'm considering doing a weekly email summarizing pageviews, likes, and comments for each of our builds.

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