Micro Scythe SirinFPV build

By AcroFPV on Jul 29, 2016

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I was given a SirinFPV flight control board to test. This flight board is pretty awesome. Its not only a F3 flight control board with a SPI Gyro, but it also has OSD built in and to top it off there is a 200mw vTX as well! This means you can not only use the OSD to adjust PID's on the fly, but you can also use the OSD to adjust vTX channels too!

Honestly, I dont know how I could have stuffed everything into a 130mm build without it. I would have had to omit the OSD entirely, and who really cares about an OSD on a Micro 130mm build??? Well, ME! lol I really like having an OSD.

Build also consists of the MRM 4in1 20A Zeus ESC which replaces the need for a standard PDB. Neither the FCB or ESC offer 5V, so a 600ma Pololu was installed to provide 5V to the SirinFPV board. The SirinFPV board then powers the camera & receiver making it a really easy build with very minimal wiring.

Frame is a MRM Micro Scythe and I also used the TPU printed FPV camera mount to house the Micro 600TVL wide angle FPV camera they offer. I have decided to play it safe with this build, and will be using a 3S lipo with the DYS 1306-4000kv motors & HQ3030x3 props.

Because of the 4in1 ESC & the all-in-one flight control board, this entire build was way easier than it should have been. I am only concerned if one ESC should fail I am in for a full tear-down & rebuild. Same thing if the OSD or VTX should fail on the Sirin, but lets hope that doesnt happen!!
-knock on wood


Part List


MRM Micro Scythe V2 130mm Frame – MultiRotorMania (14 builds)

Flight Controller

SirinFPV V2 Flight Controller with OSD & vTX built in!


MRM Zeus 4x20 PRO ESC


4 x DYS BE1306 4000KV Brushless Motor – MultiRotorMania (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Micro 600TVL Wide Angle FPV Camera with Microphone – MultiRotorMania (5 builds)


FrSky XSR - S.BUS RECEIVER – MultiRotorMania (50 builds)

Misc Parts

5V 500mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator Pololu D24V6F5 (2 builds)
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AcroFPV   Aug 08, 2016  

I took this bad boy to the lake and was able to stretch its legs. Too much fun! I wish it would carry a HD Cam.

AcroFPV   Aug 02, 2016  

Here is some DVR footage from this board. I am using a Pololu for the 5V supply and it seems to be giving some very clean voltage. Zero interference with the video :)

Whiffles   Aug 03, 2016 

Nice, now let's see this thing rip!

36Ophiuchi   Aug 01, 2016  

How are you liking that FC?

AcroFPV   Aug 01, 2016 

I really like it a lot. I have only flown a couple lipos thru it, and I hope its pretty robust. Time will tell :)

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