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By TheLeprechaunPirate on Jan 12, 2018

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Tough build! Saw a few peeps building this super light setup and thought I’d try! Fitting everything in was fun but challenging. Getting some runcam TX200 coming in the mail soon so I’ll have that replace the vtx03. And some dal T5051c to compliment the lightness.

It currently sits at 207.3g as it is. I, of course, will reweigh it after replacing the vtx and cleaning up some of the wires.


Part List


Featherlight 5 Race Frame (7 builds)

Flight Controller

Omnibus F4 Nano V3 OSD LC-Filter (5 builds)
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25A Ori 4in1 ESC (20x20) BLHELI_S - (MUILTSHOT) (13 builds)


4 x Hyperlite 2204 Floss Series 2722KV (18 builds)


HQ 5x5V1S

FPV Camera

RunCam Sparrow Micro (66 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine VTX03 Super Mini 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mw/200mW Switchable FPV Transmitter (417 builds)


FrSky XM+ SBUS Mini Receiver (1149 builds)
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stefan   Jun 07, 2018  

I'm not seeing an external capacitor like the ORI 25a ESC manufacturer claims is required. I'm trying to determine just how critical an external capacitor actually is so I'm wondering if you used one and if not have you had any issues because of it.

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jun 14, 2018 

To be honest, I believe i omitted the use of a capacitor and it seemed to have worked fine. It has been awhile since I've touched this one (I need to replace the ESC due to a crash).

pjquad   May 02, 2018  

Hey might you have a build video for this ? Im doing my first build with this frame this summer and could use any help i can get. Thanks!!
Yours looks fantastic!

TheLeprechaunPirate   May 25, 2018 

Hey! Sorry it has been awhile since I've logged in, but I unfortunately don't. But if it is your first build it will be a tough one! There will be plenty of tutorials online on how to build a quad and this one is just a tight fit! All this is presuming you have yet to build your quad.

at165db   Feb 17, 2018  

you might want to protect the RX antenna better. Your monopoles are exposed. Other than that, this build looks awesome!

Itwillallpasssoon   Jan 21, 2018  

Do bigger boards fit on this frame? i.e 36x36 standard sized flight controllers and 4-in-1 escs?

Also, is the runcam tx200 better than the eachine vtx03? Thanks!

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jan 28, 2018 

Regular-sized FCs can fit, however, you will be building along the standoffs supporting the frame. With some modifications and your own standoffs to fit, and possibly some 3D printing, you could get a stack working and still have a camera mount. Unfortunately they only include 2 sizes of vertical carbon fiber for the cam mount (I don’t have the measurement available).
So far, the Runcam tx200 was used to mount behind the camera since it was my best bet at fitting everything in this build. So Far I’m liking the TX200 but the VTX03 have been my favorite light video transmitters until now.

Itwillallpasssoon   Jan 28, 2018 

Thanks for your reply, so are you saying with a regular sized fc I'm not going to be able to use the provided fpv camera mounts?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jan 29, 2018 

You could, you’ll just have to find the right spacer standoffs to go both above and below the flight controller to make it level.

arcetera   Jan 16, 2018  

what's the thingiverse file for that cam protector?

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jan 18, 2018 

It has been awhile since I've pulled that file from the site. I'll try to find it, and if i do I'll get back to you.

NeckTwist   Jan 12, 2018  

What'd the weight come out to be? I've been looking at a Featherlight for awhile, so nice to see a current build.

NeckTwist   Jan 12, 2018 

just saw the note lol I'll check back soon

TheLeprechaunPirate   Jan 14, 2018 

207.3g right now as it is! Hoping to shave off another 2-3g day or so but getting rid of unnecessary cables and such.

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