ZMR250 v2 Clean

By spdfx on Aug 20, 2015

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Typical ZMR250 build using cookie cutter parts. Little organization and wire sleeving goes a long way.

370g w/o battery, AUW 505g w/o GoPro.

Standoffs are 25mm nylon with M3x12 alloy screws. Camera is wedged in there, with Sugru (hot glue would also work) to hold it in place.

Added TPU GoPro mount and blackbox.

Motor mounts currently being used:



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jpsmith   Jun 20, 2018  

How and where did you mount the receiver? I can't see it in the pictures. Thank you!

SFPV   Nov 03, 2015  

How do you get the paracord over the wires? Do you have to pull out the inside of the paracord?

spdfx   Nov 09, 2015 

Yes, the small inner cords of the paracord get pulled out, then you slide it over the cables. If you google "paracord cable sleeving" you can find lots of tutorials.

AxeCop   Jun 16, 2016 

Also if you've got thicker wires, you may want to go for 750lb mil-spec paracord, this will give just a little bit more room for the thicker cables and it's high-quality stuff let me know what you think, Amazon customers seem to think they're pretty amazing.

Drope   Jun 02, 2016  

you got any other build vids?

spdfx   Jun 14, 2016 

Not yet, maybe something coming up soon

UltiFix   Mar 25, 2016  

If you guys where to build a fpv racer all over again would you stick with the ZMR250 frame? Or go with something else? Im trying to decide what would be a good frame.... Also what you spend the money upfront to buy a nice high quality carbon fiber frame like in this build or cheap out with some el cheapo fake carbon fiber?

This might not be the best place to ask, but im not sure where else to, it might be nice to have a forum or something.

Whiffles   Mar 25, 2016 

I find reddit to be a good forum for mini quads, but since you asked maybe have a look at the variety of new 210 frames. There's the Bolt, the Goby and QAV210. Lots of clones as well.

spdfx   Apr 06, 2016 

Late reply, but I think the ZMR250 is still worth it for new flyers. It's cheap, very strong, and replacements and aftermarket parts are very plentiful. 210 quads are faster and lighter but tend to be more fragile and more niche, so weird addons are hard to come by unless you go custom.

PixelHawk   Apr 08, 2016 

I would check out the beerotor 210

UltiFix   Mar 25, 2016  

I see those motors are only rated for 3s, would you or have you ran 4s on this anyway?

spdfx   Apr 06, 2016 

I ran 4S with 5045 bullnose props on this setup for quite some time. They barely got warm.

PixelHawk   Jan 19, 2016  

Absolutely beautiful

BikeWazowski   Nov 18, 2015  

Wow. Just Wow. This has to be my favorite build aesthetically! I think I might have to borrow some inspiration from this with a lime green/black scheme.

How do you feel about the integrated PCB board? Ive read a lot of mixed reviews on them. It seems people either love them, or hate them.

spdfx   Dec 08, 2015 

This is the v1 FPVmodel board which requires insulating washers for the arms. It's not bad, I've had no problems with it. Survived many crashes so far, including a few head on metal pole hits which dented it a bit, and an unlucky tree tumble which ripped one of the ESC wires from the arm. All of the surface mount components are now hotglued for extra security. Some people have problems with pads lifting, but I feel that's installation error.

UltiFix   Nov 07, 2015  

So for mounting the FPV cam you just shoved it in and filled the area around it with glue?

BTW: I love the cable tie antennas! That is so cool :)

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UltiFix   Nov 10, 2015 

Hmm, you know the build im talking about right? The F330 acro?
Would it still be "acroish" on a bigger frame? (Just wan't to make sure we are on the same page ;) Are there any better f330 frame size alternatives that are carbon fiber or something?


Whiffles   Nov 10, 2015 

Those motors aren't very "acroish", so you're probably best off making this an AP rig and building a separate acro rig on a 250mm or smaller frame.

UltiFix   Nov 10, 2015 

O really? Lol I have been treating it like a acro... Oops... Alright, thanks for the advice!

UltiFix   Nov 07, 2015  

Good job on the photos!

dnormous   Sep 19, 2015  

Love your style with this build! The para cord and the bottom plate are fantastic! Best I've seen.

Whiffles   Sep 19, 2015 

Yes, this is one of my favorites.

Yorkshirepuddingz   Sep 15, 2015  

I really like this build, Just wondering which type of para cord you used where? I'm going to try this on my quad when I get round to installing a PDB for the remaining wires.

Whiffles   Sep 15, 2015 

That brings up a good point. Maybe I should allow notes on each part.

spdfx   Sep 17, 2015 

Type 1 was used for all the smaller cables. 550 for vtx/camera/rx wires (all 3 inside), and 650 was for the 14awg battery cable.

I would recommend Micro for the small wires, but I was unable to find a Micro that was cored or coreless. They were all solid and couldn't be used for sleeving :(.

agileadam   Aug 29, 2015  

Hey, I was reading your description and see you used Sugru. I like that stuff, but have recently taken a liking to ThermoMorph. Have you tried that for anything? It isn't rubbery when it sets, though. It turns into hard plastic.

I'll probably using most of your parts list. Thanks!

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agileadam   Aug 29, 2015 

Yeah, that makes sense. I really like the end result of Sugru, but it's usually sort of messy to work with. Any tips there?

spdfx   Sep 02, 2015 

That's odd. For me it was basically just like a greasy playdough. Mold to shape and come back in 24hrs. If it was messy, maybe it was expired?

agileadam   Sep 02, 2015 

Well, that's good to know. It actually may have been old. I'll have to order a fresh set of packets.

Whiffles   Aug 31, 2015  

Looks like your build had a good day today. The top spot on the featured builds seems to be working out for you!

boostdd   Aug 25, 2015  

I've seen you post this build a few places, and I must say I absolutely love it. Love the paracord wire loom!

Whiffles   Aug 25, 2015 

I saw this on reddit first and was quite happy to see it here later. That paracord is really nice. I'm tempted to get some for my own wires.

Whiffles   Aug 24, 2015  

Sorry about the price error! I corrected it for you. Now all the prices from should come through correctly here on out. I also just added part tags, so your parts list should be a bit better organized now. You might need to fine tune the auto-tag results though.

Whiffles   Aug 20, 2015  

Great to see this here! I saw this on reddit the other day and loved the wiring job you did.

Whiffles   Aug 20, 2015 

BTW, how did you take and edit your photos? The white background is very nice.

spdfx   Aug 20, 2015 

Thanks! I used a large piece of white paper taped to a wall and curved down to a desk. Two remote flashes on the sides (umbrella or softbox). Kind of a quick and easy light box. The flashes blow out the background to pure white so minimal editing is required.

Whiffles   Aug 20, 2015 

Well then, great work on the build and the photography! I cheated and just took some outdoor shots of mine,

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