By lazd on Sep 01, 2015

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A clean, black ZMR250.


Part List


H250 ZMR250 250mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor (7 builds)

Flight Controller

Acro Naze 32 (Rev6)


4 x Angry Beez XM20 ESC (11 builds)


4 x Sunnysky X2204S X2204 2300KV Brushless Motor CW / CCW For RC Model

FPV Camera

Foxeer HS1177 IR Block FPV Camera (58 builds)

FPV Transmitter

SkyZone TS5823 5.8GHz 32CH A/V 200mW Mini FPV Transmitter (v2) (13 builds)


ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antenna Set RHCP (SMA Connector) (18 builds)


FrSky D4R-II Telemetry Receiver (7 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO6 Black (9 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (197 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro - HERO6 Black 4K Action Camera - black
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nameBrandon   Sep 30, 2015  

Apologies for the silly question, another newbie here.. I like those ESC's and the option to get them with BLHeli, but I'm still trying to figure out the wiring. What are the black and white twisted cables getting soldered to? I see the red to positive and black to negative, but are there 2 (white/black twisted) cables that need to communicate with the FC, or is it just the white for signal to FC, and the smaller black is just another negative cable?

lazd   Oct 01, 2015 

The white wire is the signal wire that you hook to the FC, and the black is a ground wire that you also hook to the FC. Personally, I snipped the ground wire off the ESC and only ran the white wire from the ESC to the FC. Others have said they had ESC de-sync problems when they did that, but since my entire system shares a common ground through the SimplePDB, I have not experienced any problems.

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015  

Looks like a good value and a clean build. Nice choice on the Xiaomi Yi, I love mine! Might want to label your flight controller as it's under "Misc Parts" at the moment.

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Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015 

What browser are you using and do you have access to your javascript console? Let me know if you see any errors. I'll get it fixed.

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015 

Looks like you got it squared away. I'll have to get OSD and PDBs in there. Thanks for the suggestion!

lazd   Sep 01, 2015 

I'm using Chrome, and there are no errors in the console that pertain to categories. Let me watch the network tab and see what happens.

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