By XFPV on Dec 06, 2016

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I wanted a Hyphy so bad, I sold my first born child for one. 330g w/o battery.



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HyphPV   Dec 06, 2016  

Nice WIP shots! That description had me lawling. :p

dirtdiver   Jan 04, 2017 

Better than the guy who made this hyphee frame.

Nickblaster   Dec 24, 2016  

what cap did you use

Whiffles   Dec 06, 2016  

What did you use to cover your motor wires? I need something like that.

XFPV   Dec 06, 2016 

Just black mesh and little bits of heatshrink at the end

Whiffles   Dec 06, 2016 

Where did you buy the black mesh?

XFPV   Dec 06, 2016 

Most likely ebay. Nothing too special, really. What is special is the black thick heat shrink around the capacitor and XT-60


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