By Sky on Jan 02, 2017

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This is an attempt to get EVERYTHING into the stack. After much angst with bent stacks taking electrical components to the grave, I have also decided to give the Moka Frames Simplex a shot in order to gain some reliability from my builds. Here's some flight footage of the final product

UPDATE So far, this design is proving tankish, and VERY fast. With the added weight, and 2207 motors sucking amps for all they are worth, I had to search for a more efficient prop. I tried the RK5051s, and then the RK5038s. Both were fast, but battery hogs. So far, the Cyclone V3s seem to be faster though in addition to being more efficient. I have yet to find someone who can beat me on a straight away. We'll see in the race this coming weekend



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QuadX   Feb 03, 2017  

Hi, nice looking quad!!!
Is there any way you can see of mounting the rear motors upside down? Possibly using longer standoffs?

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QuadX   Jun 14, 2017 

Awesome!! You are an amazing pilot!!
Are the motors in the photo's TS2207's?? Just cause they don't look very much like Returners!! ;)
Which motors were you using in the vid?

Sky   Jun 20, 2017 

Yup. I just updated the page. That video was with TS2207s, my newest video "1v1 me" is with Emax 2306s. Not as powerful, but they let me get through the race

metropolis   Jan 19, 2017  

Nice!! What's the weight of that thing?

Sky   Jan 24, 2017 

Weight came out to 312 without battery or props

dirtdiver   Jan 04, 2017  

How is the build going? I'd love to know how it flies when you get it in the air!

metropolis   Jan 05, 2017 

I want to see more pictures!

Sky   Jan 05, 2017 

Ordered the parts a few days ago. I'll post more as the build comes together

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