Birdbrain RC SKEW_F

By CarbonRain on Jun 29, 2019

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Been flying heavy quads for ages, since building a lighter race quad I figured, hey, why not build a lightweight freestyle quad too? I don't tend to crash hard, don't fly bandos much, and less mass to drag around would be nice. After designing my cinewhoop with asymmetric arms, I realised I could take the same structure and use it in an X frame no bother - so here's the first hybrid X miniquad frame I've designed after a couple of years of deadcats and stretch pluses.

Frame design was straightforward using what I'd learned during the SKEW_R Mk2 and Goshawk builds. What took the longest, literally as long as everything else combined, was surprisingly the GoPro mount. Originally I went with a full session sleeve, but it didn't gel aesthetically with the rest of the minimal looking frame, and it only mounted with 2 screws at the front which would be horrific from a jello point of view. In the end I opted for a couch style mount which looks much more appropriate. Frame weight is 102g, build dry without GoPro is 349g.

With the frame built, the build actually ended up being a total budget build. The motors are rebranded DYS Sun Fun 2207s, and everything else is cheap but dependable. Only issue I ran into was keeping the pigtail out of the props, in the end I printed a little buffer to fit the standoff and cable tie the cable to - this keeps the pigtail away from the carbon to prevent chafing and eventual shorts.

Maiden flight was uneventful - the motors were surprising, much more lively than expected given the budget price. Beyond that it flies like any other quad, despite the odd shape!



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StickyRice   Jul 10, 2019  

do you have a pic of the bottom? it just looks so bizzare yet sooo good!!

StickyRice   Jul 10, 2019  

wait what hahahha. You know, the first time i saw this i was like "ahh its just a normal h frame" UNTIL I LOOKED INTO IT MORE LIKE HWATT. THATS SOO COOL DUDE!!!

fovea   Jul 03, 2019  

nice framedesign!

TeamWolfFPV   Jul 02, 2019  

Crazy looking frame. Love the lightweight approach.

Tyrdle   Jun 30, 2019  

The SwastiKwad

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