Birdbrain RC Goshawk 3

By CarbonRain on Jun 06, 2019

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Weirder than it looks at first glance.

Since seeing Nurk's Tappers Arcade Bar shot I've been enamoured with the idea of having a cinewhoop, the Squirt V2 is a brilliantly designed frame (and I almost bought one) but in the end I opted to design one to suit my needs (and parts bin!)

Being a pilot of the crash-prone variety, I'm not a big fan of unibody baseplates, and the size of the Squirt's slightly terrified me in terms of the amount of carbon I'd burn through if I snapped a couple. As a result, I went down the separate arm route, taking the arm mounting of the SKEW_R Mk2 and rotating it 45 degrees. There's two different shaped arms to give a hybrid x form (I was gonna go deadcat until I realised that would need 4 different shaped arms and that would defeat the point), and like the SKEW_R it's rotationally but not reflectionally symmetrical. Ducts were designed using formulae from the Capolight blog post.

Component-wise, I went full size on most components, mainly whatever I had lying around. Ordered a set of RCINPower 1506 3000kv motors but I got impatient waiting for them and built it up with HGLRC 1407s instead. Made a prop cutter with a 3D printed part that fits to a Dremel tool and a motor taken off my old Wizard, works a charm.

AUW is A Lot. It's a heavy little bird, lifts fine on the 1407s without them cooking though. Maiden went ok, and it seems to fly alright, so next step is to tune it and start shooting!



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Whiffles   Jun 06, 2019  

Great looking build! Got any footage yet?

CarbonRain   Jun 07, 2019 

Unfortunately weather here has been rubbish! Supposed to be at a race/fun fly in a warehouse at the weekend, thinking of sending it around to get some video - we'll see how that goes!

Whiffles   Jun 07, 2019 

Yeah, this looks great for indoor HD.

thumbtwiddler   Jun 07, 2019  

this thing looks so weird in the coolest way

The Van   Jun 06, 2019  

Whoa super interesting arm layout, looks clean!

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