Birdbrain RC Hoverfly 2.5

By CarbonRain on Jul 17, 2019

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Had a spare 20x20 Mamba stack, an rx, and a VTX, and figured I might as well throw it all in something - ordered a set of Mamba 1105 motors, 2.5" and 3" props, and a Runcam Robin, and sat down to design a frame to hold it all.

Was thinking about a little race quad, but then decided I'd like to try to create a really tiny GoPro hauler, complete with guarded props. Original design used ducts like my Goshawk, but I couldn't get a clean print and realised at the size I was working with I might be better off with a lighter weight milled HDPE guard. Top plate is drilled with an absolute ton of holes for mounting stuff to - also considering a top plate fitted with a load of M3 press nuts to make accessorising easier.

Build was a challenge - the Mamba FC has a long row of tiny pads to solder to, took some delicate work. Since the wires for the VTX and camera go through the top plate, they had to be soldered to the FC in place attached to the top plate and 3D printed mount, a little awkward.

Wasn't trying to hit any particular weight (and designed this to mainly run on 4S), but it comes in at 245g with GoPro and a 450mAh 3S lipo - good result!



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bizioFPV   16 days ago  

any chance I can buy this frame? I checked your website but it's listed as out of stock

GuRemor   Aug 15, 2019  

you should do it upside down with the batterie and everything on top

ghostface   Aug 24, 2019 

awesome design but yes I agree - turning it into a pusher quad might make it even better!

GuRemor   Aug 15, 2019  

dude you need to sell this frame, I would buy!

thumbtwiddler   Jul 18, 2019  

looks super cool, considering on manufacturing em?

CarbonRain   Jul 19, 2019 

I'm planning on it! Honestly, been planning to sell frames for literally months, at the moment I'm away racing almost every weekend though which makes progress slow! Certainly by autumn I'd expect to have my webshop up and running :)

Void   Jul 23, 2019 

got a facebook page? i'll throw ya a follow :)

JasonFPV0   Jul 19, 2019  

Thats a really nice looking cinewhoop, and I bet it'll deliver better footage than all those split type cameras. I never could quite consider something like on of those board cams to be "cinematic."

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