RDQ 182 6s settup

By Nickblaster on Jan 05, 2017

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so here my first RDQ 182 its a super tight frame but nice if you choses the right compoment this will run on 6s tattu1300 with the f60 2450kv from t motor hope you enjoi my build if you have any question ask i will reply fast thx to how visite my build. Like if you like waht you see !! ( change the f4 revolt for kiss fc and vibration prob gone !!)



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Whiffles   Jan 16, 2017  

How do you like that telemetry receiver? I'm curious how Spektrum handles the data. Can the TX speak your RSSI and voltage/current in real time?

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Nickblaster   Jan 20, 2017 

spektrum to frsky tanaris
only had prob with spektrum for they first sat to this telemetry reviver so i switch back to tanaris my spektrum is only for my giant scale plane no more for drone too much prob now i need to send it back for chekup because i dont trust it to fly my 5k plane

Whiffles   Jan 20, 2017 

Sorry to hear! I haven't had any failsafes with my Spektrum, but I generally don't fly very far away.

dirtdiver   Jan 16, 2017  

So you've gone full 6S? Do you still go back down to 5S and 4S at times, or are you fully converted?

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dirtdiver   Jan 16, 2017 

How hard would you say 6S is to get used to? Is it a huge jump in skill needed?

Nickblaster   Jan 16, 2017 

6s is really i huge step i would not go from 4 to 5s is waste of cash but 4 to 6s is really a must if you ant tu upgrad.... If you already control the 4s why not go to 6s :D

yksaircrafts   Jan 12, 2017  

Nice rig ! You better put 35v caps for 6s ^^

Nickblaster   Jan 15, 2017 

yes they are on the way but thes look pretty fine

FlyinJerem   Jan 11, 2017  

That's not a quad, that's a rocket. Do you have a video of it ?

Nickblaster   Jan 11, 2017 

i will post it soon i let you know power is just to crazy its scremmm

Whiffles   Jan 05, 2017  

Look at that army of batteries.

Nickblaster   Jan 05, 2017 

haha yes i like them

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