A coaxial bi-copter

By ledimestari on Jul 30, 2019

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A flying stick, or a coaxial bi-copter, is what I decided to build once I saw the video by RCTESTFLIGHT. Even though he clearly didn't put too much effort into the design the concept was cool and the idea was quite simple even if it might look complicated. I knew I could do much better job in creating one of these and make it more robust and durable while keeping it 90% 3D-printed.

Flight video:

See the full build log with more details on my blog.


Part List


Machifit 500mm*12mm*10mm Black Carbon Fiber Tube Roll Wrapped Tube for Multicopter

Flight Controller

Matek F722-SE F7 30x30 Flight Controller w/ 5V BEC , Video Power Switcher, Dual Camera Image Switcher (36 builds)


2 x Spedix GS30 32Bit DShot1200 30A ESC (29 builds)


2 x Racerstar 2207 BR2207S Green Edition 1600KV 2200KV 2500KV 3-6S Brushless Motor For RC Drone Frame


2 Pairs Gemfan Flash 7042 7.0x4.2 PC 2-blade Propeller 5mm Mounting hole for RC FPV Racing Drone (13 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo Micro F2 1/3" CMOS 2.1mm 1200TVL 16:9/4:3 NTSC/PAL Low Latency FPV Camera W/ Microphone (40 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DYS MI200MW 25/200mW Switchable 5.8G 40CH FPV Transmitter (11 builds)


Pagoda-2 5.8ghz RHCP Antenna (11 builds)


FT4X 2.4G Mini SBUS Receiver Compatible With FASST for RC Drones (2 builds)


Turnigy nano-tech 1300mAh 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack

HD Camera

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera (86 builds)

Misc Parts

10PCS M2/M3 Clevis Wire Trolley Iron Chuck Metal Rod Clamp For RC Airplane

Misc Parts

5 pcs M2 M3 M4 RC Ball Link With Rod Ball Joint Set RC Airplane Spare Part

Misc Parts

6X MG90S Metal Gear RC Micro Servo (3 builds)

Misc Parts

Grade 12.9 Carbon Steel Black Threaded Metal Rod M2/M2.5/M3/M4 Length 250MM

Misc Parts

2 x Panasonic 1000uF 35V Low ESR Capacitor for ESC Noise Reduction (114 builds)
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facewizard13   Aug 11, 2019  

yup, this is the weirdest thing I've seen today

ledimestari   Sep 02, 2019 

Haha, Thanks, I guess

thegreen4me   Jul 31, 2019  

RIP rctestflight-bro; what could have been if you were with us for longer

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thegreen4me   Aug 03, 2019 

are u guys sure??? In my timeline he died in a motorcycle accident!!!

SkyLine FPV   Aug 04, 2019 

That's Sam Sheperd.

ledimestari   Aug 05, 2019 

I understand the cunfusion, their videos we're kind of similar with same style of building foamboard airplanes with voiceover. Samm Sheperd was indeed the one in a motorcycle accident, but his tribute video came out six months before rctestflights flying stick video.

Minichado   Jul 30, 2019  

Basically you are now piloting darth mauls lightsaber.. epic! got any flight video?

ledimestari   Jul 31, 2019 

There is now! I don't know why the embedding code didn't work...

Whiffles   Jul 31, 2019 

You don't need to use the embed code. Just paste the youtube link and it'll embed.

thumbtwiddler   Jul 30, 2019  

the new vannystyle frame looking kinda funky ngl lol

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