Aurora 90 Micro Basher

By sam on Jan 11, 2017

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[if you are building this, the antenna ear protectors are on backwards in the pictures below, make sure they are pointing the right way or they won't protect much :-) ]

Decided to build Banggood's doinker/halo micro brushless clone. The BNF isn't available yet, but all the parts and frame are, so I gave it a shot. Relatively smooth and painless build, but the cam/vtx combo will require some alternative mounting solution because the included two-sided tape was no good. Also, this is far from the lightest design for a 90mm brushless, so if weight is your concern look elsewhere. Otherwise this seems to be a pretty good, sturdy 2S backyard basher.



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Mayday_Mayhem   Jan 11, 2017  

Are you using a 1s or 2s battery for this and what size and type?

sam   Jan 11, 2017 

I got a few 2s venom 430mah

mwhalen   Feb 09, 2017 

you have put the motors as 4x4x because they ship as a pack of four, it makes the price look higher than it should

Whiffles   Jan 15, 2017 

Please no affiliate links. Thank you!

Whiffles   Jan 11, 2017  

How does it perform? Do you feel like it has enough punch to recover from flips and rolls?

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sam   Jan 12, 2017 

looks like it was just a faulty solder joint in there somewhere, all good now! i disassembled most of the frame though to redo the soldering, need to put her back together now

Whiffles   Jan 12, 2017 

Looking forward to seeing some FPV footage from it!

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