Falcon Multirotors Rasvelg 5" with custom TPU pod

By jesse103 on Jan 13, 2017

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This was a very challenging build. The space constraints make it a difficult build. But once build it's an outstanding quad. The lightweight design allow for effortless fast flying. Don't be fooled by the skinny arms. This quad can take hard hits. I've crashed it several times. There's several things i would recommend doing. First is to get a custom TPU pod made. The nylon pod is extremely strong. But on the other hand it doesn't flex enough to allow the camera to be installed. Second I chamfered all the edges. It protects from damage and it makes it easier to handle. Once built this quad looks like a piece of art. You definitely won't see many of these at your local field. I've flown many frame/motor combinations. This quad by far is the fastest I've flown.


Part List


Rasvelg (7 builds)

Flight Controller

F4 Advanced Flight Controller - (MPU6000, STM32F405) (8 builds)


Lumenier BLHeli_S 35A 4-in-1 OPTO ESC (2 builds)


4 x HyperLite V4 Team Edition 2206-2722


HQ Durable 5x4.5x3 Race Props 2CW-2CCW "PC"

FPV Camera

Crazepony FPV Camera Foxeer HS1177 600TVL NTSC FPV Camera Sony Super Had II CCD 2.8mm Lens Support OSD and Audio 5-22V 2D DNR fo (7 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 SMA (154 builds)


Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP)


FrSky XSR (481 builds)

Misc Parts

Phoenix 3D Solutions
See Site
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FLOpv   May 22, 2017  

How did you hook up your vtx to your flight controller?

Dgremlin   May 22, 2017  

I have a quick question. I just got this quad and was wondering...do the legs sandwich between the 2 bottom plates?

BRain   Mar 08, 2017  

Nice build. Which PDB are you using or did I miss something? How have you liked 2722? Flight time? Thanks

BRain   Mar 08, 2017 

Wondering how it is all powered since esc doesn't appear to output filtered 5v ect.

quad.mechanik   Feb 15, 2017  


Are the 2722kv motors running ok on the 5x4.5x3? I want to get myself the 2522kv ones but they are out of stock, they only have the 2722 or the 2122kv... so I was wondering if it isn't too high kv to spin 5" props, I would be flying the CyclonesV1 , V2, also have bunch of RK5051... but afraid that 2722kv just wont cut it with 5" agressive tri-blades... some advice would be much appreciated for these motors that you have :). Thanks

jesse103   Feb 16, 2017 

I haven't had a problem running heavy props with these motors. I'm also using a 35 amp esc 4-1. The only thing that might suffer is your flight time and battery life. I've used the Lumenier butter cutter, HQ 5x4x3, Dal cyclones v2, Racekraft 5038DC duo props. You shouldn't have a problem.

quad.mechanik   Feb 16, 2017 

Thanks for the info, I will probably get myself a set of 2722Kv then, since I have a 4in1 35A ESC lying around waiting for a build !

Quadxl   Feb 07, 2017  

Great build!
How can I get that canopy?

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jesse103   Feb 07, 2017 

Phoenix makes custom pods in TPU. Which are much better. Because they're more flexible and can be printed in colors.

Quadxl   Feb 07, 2017 

Sorry for pushing, but according to their shop it says what the vendor says:The canopy comes in natural white Nylon but can be dyed using popular clothing dye such as RIT dye
So how do you get the color you have?

jesse103   Feb 07, 2017 

If you buy a custom pod. You can pick whatever color configuration you want. You have to buy the pod from Phx-3d

Kbobiles   Jan 13, 2017  

Love how you braided the motor wires...maybe you could leave a little showing? Other than that, a really clean build!

jesse103   Jan 16, 2017 

Why did you give me such a great tip LOL? I'll redo the tape this week. Thanks

Whiffles   Jan 14, 2017  

How do you like those HQ durables? I'm running DAL V2s, but I've been thinking about picking up a few sets of those HQs.

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jesse103   Jan 15, 2017 

They're great but. They're battery killers. With these high KV motors. I've been running HQ 5x4x3 or RaceKraft 5x4x3

Whiffles   Jan 15, 2017 

Wow, 2722kv. I didn't even notice that. What kind of flight times are you seeing on those?

dirtdiver   Jan 16, 2017 

Yikes, I didnt see the KV either :P lol

Sean   Jan 13, 2017  

Great looking build, love that you've colour coordinated the pod with the motors! Are the motor wires secured to the arms in any way?

jesse103   Jan 13, 2017 

Yeah I secured them with electric tape. I uploaded another picture. To show how it looks with tape.

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