Solleva Race

By lazd on Oct 10, 2019

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Pre-orders are now open for the Falcon Multirotors Solleva! Get yours for only $79, or $59 if you print your own accessories!

Solleva artfully balances center of gravity, aerodynamics, weight, and strength. The vertical arm design means the frame has much less air resistance than a traditional frame, with the angled plates actually adding lift and providing side-force generation to keep corners tight.

The motor mounts are placed so that the center of mass is near perfectly aligned with the center of thrust, and Solleva's rear motors are elevated to stay out of the front motor's propwash.

The result is a quad that feels more like a simulation than an object subject to the real-world laws of physics.


Part List


Solleva (4 builds)

Flight Controller

radix fc - brainfpv (117 builds)


VIVAFPV 60A BL32 4IN1 DSHOT1200 3-6S ESC (2 builds)


4 x T-Motor F60 PRO III Motor - 1750kv (14 builds)


HQProp DP 5x4.3x3 PC V1S Black Propeller - 3 Blade (2CW+2CCW/Bag) (35 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift 2 Micro - 2.3mm Lens (282 builds)


XF-Race Antenna 915MHz (8 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1491 builds)
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Nabla   Oct 30, 2019  

Hey have you had any increased likelihood of damage to the battery because it is mounted on top?

DownRight   Oct 11, 2019  

Would you mind showing how you mounted your crossfire antenna / and what LEDs you went with on the back?

lazd   Oct 11, 2019 

Absolutely. The antenna is a TBS XF-Race antenna, and it's ziptied to the right rear arm (motor 1) opposite of the RaceWire. It uses a small foam pad to separate it from the carbon. Though this is FAR from ideal (it doesn't even point up like it's supposed to), it will be more than sufficient for race.

The LEDs are generic WS2812 strips from Amazon (, ziptied in 3 places to the rear brace. Be sure to get the 144 LED per 1 meter strips, they're nice and dense.

DownRight   Oct 11, 2019 

Awesome... thank you for the info. Can't wait to get mine built!

evilmerlin   Oct 11, 2019  

What's the weight of this without battery?

lazd   Oct 11, 2019 

This build is 348g. It's a bit on the heavier side due to the 2.5mm arms, but it flies so much differently than a traditional frame, you don't feel the extra weight.

thumbtwiddler   Oct 10, 2019  

he's back!

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