Raggio Forever 🦅

By jdmkramer on Nov 24, 2019

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I rebuilt my first real freestyle build back to its proper 5" form for a few reasons. I finally have a true Raggio Lungo build in the works for a 7" cruiser so I don't need to run this guy as a Velungo any more. The 4in1 plug started to fall apart and I used this as an excuse to upgrade from Helio Spring V2 & Tekko to my all time favorite stack, Radix & AK32. Another reason was curiosity about how differently Li-Ion packs would perform on a high Kv motor. All my miniquads have generally been between 1700 & 1900Kv, and the ol Ragu was running for a year or so on EMAX LS 2207 1900Kv, so the T-Motor Blackbird 2207 2725Kv was an obvious choice for comparison.

I also slightly redesigned the SMA/GPS mount with a extra TPU in a few places and 2 holes to allow easy installation of one or two VAS Mini 915 Antennas with a screw. The antenna can swivel slightly on top of already being very flexible. The Singularity matchstick with kevlar covered feeder should be pretty tough too, so hopefully this one will crash well. Hope to give it a flippy floppy flight soon! :)



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UpMostBeast FPV   Apr 08, 2020  

how durable do you find this frame to be?

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