5.5" longrange

By painfpv on Aug 05, 2020

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This is meant to replace my 6" long range quad which I have recently lost. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/13379

This was made from a previous experimentall quad: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/17099

First test flight was 14min at an avg speed of over 50kmh with a 4s VTC6 LiIon pack until 2.9V per celll (2600mAh used).

The upsidedown front motors help in 2 ways: 1. the larger props don't get in gopro's FOV even on a lower angle. 2. 6" props can be used on the front side even though this frame only supports 5.5" props simple because the props no longer hit the front spacers. The back side require a small modification though for 6" to be used. This can be transformed into an extremly light and compact 6" setup with insane flight times.

Next step is to make it 50g lighter by giving up some hero8 parts (battery, battery door, bottom adapters) and by replacing the hero8 mount with a lighter one.
I will also build a 4s Molicel 21700 pack to increase flight time to 18min or more. Also I might give it a try with 6" foldable props.

Bellow you may see a few shots from the 14min maiden flight:



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janb124   Aug 10, 2020  

whats the most reached distance with this? :)

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