Falcon 130 3.5"

By lazd on Feb 17, 2016

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The Falcon 130 with 3.5" props is probably the tightest 130mm build in the history of multirotors and weighs in at 248g with a 850mAh 4S. The 3.5" props actually go over the tower and clear the screws by about 2mm.

Because the arms are so short, I opted to mount the ESCs on the side of the tower with two heatshrinked sandwiches. This results in a wider mid-section, but makes the wiring as short as possible and the ESC mounting clean.

There are no voltage regulators on this build. The Dodo's 0.5A 5V regulator is enough to power the VTX, camera, and X4R, and the LC filter on the Dodo make for clean and clear video.

I opted for a bare VTX module as a normal module cannot fit inside of the tower. The antenna is direct soldered and held in place with hot glue, so it's not going to be incredibly durable. That said, I think it'll do tree dancing just fine. The camera is tilted at about 40°, so she's set up for speed.

Falcon 130 is available now at Multirotor Superstore, FPV Aces, and Drone Eclipse!

Visit falconmultirotors.com for details, photos, build guides, and more!




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PintSizeFlies   Jul 13, 2016  

Did you plasti dip the Antenna? Doesn't distort the signal? Does it work well to keep from bending and breaks?

lazd   Jul 13, 2016 

Yes, I hot glue the inside and plastidip the entire antenna. I don't believe it affects signal at all, as the handmade antennas I make perform just as good as anything else I've used. Plastidip is only for looks, but the hot glue does help keep the lobes in the right place during crashes. What really adds durability are the hooks and triangle guide I use when I solder the lobes together. See this album for a few pictures of the hooks and triangle guide, and this album for a build without the triangle guide and some hot glue/plastidip action.

PintSizeFlies   Jul 13, 2016 

Saweet dude thanks.

Whiffles   Jul 13, 2016 

Nice work. Do you make all your antennas?

Whiffles   Feb 18, 2016  

Nice work getting that put together! Did you stack 2 ESCs on both sides? BTW, you're missing your motor quantity and frame.

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lukim   Feb 29, 2016 

Love this build. I really need one of those.
No need for a full size VTx, these little units perform just as good. If they only came pre-dipswitched ;-)

lukim   Jul 03, 2016 

I just managed to build one the traditional way using little bee pros on the arms, diatone v8.3 power hub and cyclone stacked, modified xsr in between on RCX1407 3800KV. It was really hard to do but after all I got about 2mm clearance between the DAL T3545BN and the top locknuts. Wow..its so stable, it feels very similar to a 5" class quad. Awesome!
Will upload build later.

Whiffles   Jul 03, 2016 

Nice. How about a post? Would love to see it.

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